A Few Pictures From The Wedding

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Here are some of the professional pictures from the wedding. I will update again with pictures of the hall and other parts of the day.


Frustration Rant

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Now that the decoration details are almost done I’ve had time to move on to other things to worry about. Namely, the bachelor party. Shawn is okay with not having one, and he tells me it is a party more for his friends than for him, but I don’t believe that he’d be fine with sitting at home with me instead. I wonder what alternatives there are to the typical bachelor party?

I don’t want him to have a stripper involved bachelor party because I feel it is disrespectful to me, right before getting married, for him to look at other naked women – sorry, skanky other naked women, paid to be there and paid to touch him, that may or may not have STDs and touch something or drink something that he might later drink from, especially the night before our “holy” matrimony. What’s so sacred about doing naughty things with a woman who isn’t your wife the night before your wedding? I fully trust him, he is the only man other than my father that I trust, but I don’t trust his friends and I don’t trust the strippers that will do more things for more money. In my mind his friends would go so far as to rufie him to get him to sleep with a stripper. I’d be so much happier with him going to Hooters and then a casino. But his brother and his friends give me hell about that. (Which is my main problem.)

So, Shawn knows all that. I’m not one of those women who are afraid to tell their fiancee they don’t want them having a private stripper bachelor party, (because who knows what goes on there.) So many women are scared they might come across as motherly, demanding, bossy, clingy, controlling, etc. I’m not going to hide my true self from him. The reason I’m marrying him is because he knows everything about me and loves me anyway. For goodness sake, he knows I occassionally pick my nose and hide my boogers on my pants and he’s still in love with me. I want him to know exactly how I feel, and believe that if he really loves me he will say “You matter more than a men’s tradition that you personally despise, so I will find something else to do.” And he did say that to me, although not in those words, so I know he loves and respects me. But he didn’t say it because he loves me, at least not at first. His childish single-person ego butted in and he still wanted the party. The way I got him to give in was by telling him I’d have a bachelorette party of equal status – greasy ugly naked guys prancing around a clubhouse with some of my more promiscuous friends egging me on. (God knows a man’s party is still probably worse.) Of course I would never do anything, but I would have that kind of party just because I want to do whatever he does, for it to be equal, for him to feel the pain I’d be in. And that’s not right. That’s a bad thing to do. But there are limited options for me, since I’m so against the idea. So I also gave him hell about having a bachelor party until it was so stressful he had to give in. Which also is very, very bad, but I couldn’t control myself because I’m so worried about what will happen if he has one.

I don’t want to make him suffer by nagging and going on rampages. He swears he won’t have one and that he doesn’t want one, but with his friends, I feel it’s beyond his control. They’ll kidnap him in the middle of the night and drag him away and I’ll never know what hit me. I love my baby, I trust him, but I don’t think bachelor parties are respectful to the future wife, and I hate that his friends are willing to insult me so much by throwing one anyway. His friends are good for going to the bar with, talking nonsense with, but they are by no means high class people, and do NOT have morals. In fact, I’m pretty sure they’re scum. His brother even tried to feel me up at the bar to make Shawn stop dating me. So I’m not exaggerating when I say scum.

At first I was going to settle and let him go to strip clubs as long as there was no touching involved, and I’d have something very similar, as long as we both sleep in the same bed that night and actually make it home relatively sober…but then, why should I settle? Why should I go against my personal beliefs and feelings? Why should I dumb myself down and have something similar?

I’m the type of person who is easily offended by their mate lusting after someone else & I dwell on things when I get hurt. Then when things don’t get resolved immediately I dwell even longer. And I do get jealous and insecure. If he has a bachelor party I will be sweating bullets and crying all night long, wondering what he’s doing, no matter what I’m doing. I could be having the time of my life in Vegas and my mind would be elsewhere. I would not have fun. I would turn into the parent who sits in the dark to surprise attack their child when the sneak into the house after curfew and immediately start a fight. I’m not grown up enough to deal with the man I love looking at other naked women and finding them attractive. I’m old fashioned and believe he should only have eyes for me. It will be a problem for our relationship. However, I don’t want to tell my fiancee what to do, I don’t want to control that night completely, I only want to remove the “stripper” part. So how can a situation like this be solved? Should I just deal with it?

Chocolate Raspberry Wedding

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I have been a little bit obsessed with viewing inspiration color boards for weddings, getting more and more ideas, and out of all the ones I saw that I liked, two colors have fit with my hall – raspberry, and chocolate. Behold, the color board I found somewhere online that magically fits everything:

It might be a little hard to tell where the chocolate is, so here’s another:

I don’t think it’ll click much better than this. A chocolate and raspberry reception, with my ivory/gold dress, the bridesmaids in a berry colored dress, the groomsmen in brown suits, red ties and patterned button-ups. I don’t know what the hubby will wear. Everyone insists he wear a tux…

And just because I can’t have them, because they’re too expensive, check these babies out:

Maybe I can make them myself for the afterglow party. =) And since I’m wrapping up the reception planning (for now) I started to look at honeymoon places. On the list – Vegas, California vine country, and the Carribbean.

On with the planning

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So this dress is very difficult to plan around. I’m a bridezilla perfectionist. Thank GOD I don’t have a wedding planner, because I would freak out if she didn’t have my brain. I hardly even let my mother decide things. But I took a second look at the hall I chose and realized the actual room we’ll be in is difficult because the carpet is so gosh darn dark. Here’s a picture:

San Marino Club in Troy

And that’s with full light in the room. And some may say it’s okay, just get chair covers. But that’s not possible. Why? Because my mother refuses to get chair covers. So Shawn is now forced to save money because he refuses to not have them, but at the rate he saves money we’ll never get them.

So now I’m wondering what bridesmaid dress color will compliment my dress perfectly, and what color theme to have at the reception. With that dark merlot colored carpet I’m thinking a rich brown will be the best tablecloth color, with a white orchid centerpiece and lots of candles. Or champagne colored tablecloths and very dark flowers in the centerpiece. And as far as bridesmaid dresses go, what matches the light gold color of my dress? I took the fabric sample next to each and every dress in the store and realized only a dusty pink or dusty purple, brown, teal, or dark red will go nicely. (In my opinion.) I’m trying to imagine the pictures of us in group shots…my light gold, ivory looking flower applique dress next to…? Not teal, thats for sure. And which of those colors will match a dark red carpet? (Remember, I’m OCD about color matching.) And the dresses can’t be black. So there is only dark red or brown, or a purple that is very close to red. So how does this look?

Jim Hjelm Occassions 5772

Perfect! So now I’ve found the color of the bridesmaid dresses! All that’s left there is the style, shoes, hair, makeup, shawl or wrap of some sort, jewelry…pfft.

Here’s my dress!

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I found my dress right when I was getting to the good part of dress hunting. I never got to go to trunk shows, I never went to Chicago to try on the 20+ Enzoani gowns I liked, and I never got to decide if I wanted a dress with pink beading or with pleats. Here is the dress that made me stop my searching when there were so many more to try on:

Maggie Sottero dress "Rhianna Royale"

 This picture does it NO justice whatsoever. (And the model sucks balls, because this dress was made for PRETTY girls, and girls with a little more meat on their bones. For example, a size 8 would look perfect.) It is more of a slight hint as to how absolutely stunning the gown is ON your body. I have the Maggie Sottero Rhianna Royale in the light gold and champagne. The flower applique did me in. Unfortunately shoe hunting is even harder now because of this color, and even though I could have gotten it in white, which is equally beautiful, the light gold / champagne color is a perfect match for my creamy, blushy-red, birthmark covered weird skin.

Just because I dwell on things, here are my regrets (the dresses I never got to try on, usually because there are no places in Michigan that have them) or dresses that were too expensive or retired:

The elusive Farah Angsana gown

The mysterious Sposa by St. Pucchi Z234

One of many enchanting Vera Wang spring 2009 gowns

Blue by Enzoani gown called Belgium, picture via bestbridalprices

Blue by Enzoani dress Camden

The ultimate gown, Noel by Melissa Sweet

The most beautiful gown to ever exist, by Lazaro, but its retired.

4006 by Paloma Blanca, my dress's arch enemy / rival

Honestly, every single day I wonder if I made the right choice and I think about going back to try this Paloma Blanca gown on…on to try harder to hunt down the Lazaro gown, or have someone make it. But hey, why make things harder? I found a gown that looks good on me. I am happy with that. But, ah, if only I could have two, and make it a two day event!!

Color Ideas

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Obviously I have a lot of ideas, but I can’t decide on exactly what the reception will look like. For the hall, the month, and my personal taste, the colors to choose from as a palatte are dark orchid purple, hints of orange (even if a transparent orange,) blueberry, brown, light gold (which I call topaz,) and a peacock blue-green. Not all of them will make the cut. Unfortunately the hall has a very noticeable burgundy carpet and chairs. So here are some images to  go on related to color:

Multicolor Boquet

Multicolor Boquet


black, wine & plum

black, wine & plum


Dusty blue, grey brown

Dusty blue, grey brown


Blackberry & Pale Pink

Blackberry & Pale Pink


Dark fuschia, dark purple & blue

Dark fuschia, dark purple & blue


orange & almond

orange & almond


Purple & cranberry

Purple & cranberry


Purple, blueberry & almond

Purple, blueberry & almond

 And it won’t let me upload the last, which is chocolate, rust & gold.

I’m pretty sure I want the bridesmaids dresses to be the dark orchid purple, so I want to just plan around that, but it’s hard to settle on one idea. At first I didn’t want to make the guys wear purple (because guys hate girly colors) but take a look at this picture and tell me it doesn’t look good:

maids grooms color combo

So, I guess I have lots to do still.

A Cute Seating Card Idea

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But yet another idea is to name the tables after something, such as flowers or constellations, and the seating cards would have a drawing of that flower or that constellation and you would sit at table “Camellia” or table “Orion.” See below.